NASA Technology


Hi, and welcome to NASA Spinoff Technology. Together we have created a website for kids about some interesting NASA spinoffs. But, what is a spinoff? NASA spinoffs are a form of technology commercialized by NASA into other technologies . For example, the technology used by NASA to insulate spacesuits was spunoff into something else.
LOOK BELOW! In the slideshow are just some of the things you will see on this website. All of the pictures, except maybe the actual mouse, have been improved or affected by NASA technology. Search the site and see what else you can learn!

NASA Spinoff Song 
By: MN, and a little tiny bit from JY & TZ

This is the NASA spinoff song.
I can sing it all day long.
If you want you can come along,
and sing the NASA spinoff song!

Spinoffs have alot to say
We use them in every way

NASA has made a number of things
That have grown to take off with wings
Now to us NASA’s awesome brings
Aid that lets us live like kings

In Medicine, we can now live longer
Because NASA has made our doctors stronger
And for Every Day Life do we much prefer
To have indoor plumbing, right monsieur?  

In Entertainment what would life have been
Without movies and video games to make us grin?
In fact you see this video we’re in 
Because satellites around the world do spin
And in your Sports may you always win!
NASA helped make your shoes – so let race begin!

And for Transportation we can fly
Because airplanes can lift us high
And as for Safety do not cry
Thanks to NASA help is always nearby

As you can see there’s a lot NASA does!
And thankfully you are the first cause
So now and then, take a pause
To remember NASA and applause!